Thursday, 31 January 2013

Short colour!

I thought today, that I'd have a go at a nail post, reason being that I haven't done one before and I needed to share my love of all things nail and nail polish related! So here goes :)
With a meal out and cinema date with the girls on the horizon I decided to get ahead and paint my nails, partly because I always end up smudging them when I'm rushing around trying to get ready, and partly because I wanted to show you this gorgeous nail polish by nails inc. The name: Piccadilly Circus!!! How cute! I'd say it's somewhere between a dark mulberry with a subtle hint of brown, and it's very chic...perfect for short nails.
I've never been able to have really long nails as I have naturally short nail beds and small hands, so dark colours always make up most of my polish collection. The reason I tend to go for dark colours as opposed to light ones is that I feel a lighter colour blends my already short nails into my fingers and they don't stand fact it just looks odd! So it's dark colours and black all the way (I may try pastel colours in later spring and summer)
Nails inc do beautiful nail polishes and they always look perfectly smooth when applied. I find that the darker colours have a better finish as some of the lighter colours appear washed out and translucent, even when 2 coats are applied. The polishes are quite pricey, although I did receive this particular shade free in Glamour Magazine, but they are definitely worth their price tag, hence the reason I went out and bought some of my own! I find that they generally last a long time once applied, perhaps 3-5 days or so dependant on how hands on you are. Although 5 days is far too long for me to wait so I do end up taking it off just so that I can change up my nail colour!
To create this look I filed my nails into a round shape, before applying a Rimmel base coat. I then applied 2 coats of the nails inc Piccadilly Circus polish, and finished with a Rimmel clear coat to make them even shinier. I think they look cute! What do you think? Please feel free to share your favourite nail polishes as I'm always looking to try new colours and brands :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hurray Snow Day!

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I did was look out of the window......SNOW! The car was stuck down the driveway, the cul-de-sac was covered in fresh snow, and the neighbour's kids were building snowmen...this could only mean one thing...snow day! 
I work from home, so a snow day doesn't necessarily mean all play and no work, but today I decided that I would take the day off and enjoy the snow while it's here. At 24 I should know better, but when your partner's your boss, it's only right to take advantage of these situations :) 
The first thing I did was to take a walk in the snow...warm clothes on, welliebobs on, coat on, gloves on, and one more new leopard print head warmer! The cold was not going to get to me today. I was in two minds on whether I should be seen in public with this 'thing' around my head as I wasn't so sure that it looked good, but then I thought to myself 'sod what people think, it's freezing outside and I'm going to wear it!' So I did! And yes I did get some rather unnerving looks, but I didn't care, I was snug as a bug in a rug (something my mum used to say when I was little, weird I know!). 
On my return from my walk, I decided to do my good deed for the day and clear my neighbour's drive of ice and snow. I also gritted it for them! I don't think they noticed haha! But non the less, it felt good to have done something nice for someone else :) 
On the whole, my snow day has been a good one. Perhaps building a snowman would have rounded it off nicely..but hey ho, there's always tomorrow! ;)

Chow for now Lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

How Now Scouse Brow! I just wanted to share my opinion on the trend that swept the UK quicker than the snow we've all encountered over the last couple of days....THE SCOUSE BROW!!!!!
I must admit, when I first heard about the trend that was to thicken your eyebrows and pencil them in a few shades darker than your original colour, I jumped at the chance to follow suit and pencil in these luscious brows that everyone was talking about...shame on me!!!
It really does not look good on a typical, pale, Yorkshire girl like me, infact, looking back on pictures of myself, I looked pretty damn ridiculous. Nobody told me I looked horrendous however, because everyone looked the same!
Let's just say, I have learnt the error of my ways...I cannot pull off the Scouse brow! And I'm sorry to say, but I actually reckon only the lovely girls of Liverpool can!
As you can all see from the brows will be staying natural from now on...well almost ;)

Chow for now Lovelies

Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

You Smell Devine...

 Perfume...I couldn't live without it! Ok, perhaps that's a bit of a bold statement and one that is very far fetched, but I just love to smell good and I feel bare without it on, like something is missing from my day to day persona. I like to smell good, I like people commenting on my perfume, and often, people ask me what I'm I'm going to share with you exactly that! 
At the moment, I have three personal favourites, all of which have received positive comments by friends, family and acquaintances. The first perfume I would like to share with you is 'Pure Poison' by Dior. 

"Pure Poison incarnates seduction in its purest state by exploring its duality and irresistible alchemy. Based on orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, amber and sandalwood, this delicate yet generous modern potion reveals the seductress within.
Grown in southern Italy, the essence of bergamot is obtained by cold expression of peel. It brings a distinct, sweet freshness to fragrances and adds a special radiance to citrus notes.
The flowers of the bitter orange tree are extracted to obtain orange blossom absolute. The essence of the Neroli flower is obtained by distillation. Often used in oriental-scented fragrances, orange blossom also emphasises certain fruity notes in floral fragrances. Its opulence features as the heart note of Pure Poison.
White musk is made synthetically, giving fragrances their clean-smelling, skin-like scent. It is the quintessential base note, revealing its accords with Pure Poison Eau de Parfum" (
This perfume is perfect for day or night, although it is quite pricey (£46-£65-£81) (30ml-50ml-100ml) so I tend to use it either for daytime or nighttime rather than for both. The bottle is enchanting, and potion like, and is the perfect size for carrying around in my handbag. I adore this little bottle of poison!

The second perfume I would like to share with you is Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique'. This scent is, in one word...Seductive!

"Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Toilette provides a hint of temptation in a sensual, daring fragrance of contrasts, to help you seduce and conquer.
Bold, sweet rose to awaken the senses." (
 Priced at around £69 (100ml), this perfume is one of my favourite splurges. I love the beautiful bottle, and the packaging that encases it. I keep this perfume for special occasions or romantic meals out because I feel that it is too bold for wearing during the day. It has a slightly spicy scent, and it really is one of the most gorgeous scents I have ever worn.

The third and final perfume that I would like to share with you is my absolute favourite! It's 'Lady Million' by Paco Rabanne.

"This perfume is ultra-feminine, glamorous and excessive…The Lady Million woman embodies the ideal woman. No man can resist her and the best won’t ever be enough for her!"  (
This gold, diamond shaped stunner, (£35-£48-£64) (30ml-50ml-100ml) is the perfume I swear by! Again, I choose to wear this scent mostly at night, although I sometimes indulge in a spritz during the day for that 'just freshened up' feeling. This perfume really does go a long way and just one or two sprays lasts all night...perfect! The bottle looks really expensive, and the liquid gold inside it smells elegant and romantic. I LOVE it!

So girls, next time you're choosing your new perfume, take these three beauties into won't be disappointed!

Chow for now Lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bikini Beautiful

Jasmine Black

Belle White

 My gorgeous friend Natalie has recently started her own bikini business, selling the most beautiful bikinis, perfect for that summer holiday you're all looking forward to. The name to look out for this summer...Maggie Rose UK.
Natalie has carefully chosen a varied range of stunning bikinis, all of which are named after our favourite Disney Princesses!!! What more could a girl want! The amazing two-pieces are available in varied colours, and are perfect for making you feel like the goddess you are this summer. 
The bikinis are £20.00 each plus p+p and are really worth the money, I mean where can you find your perfect bikini these days for less than £30, not to mention that most high street stores sell their bikini top and bottoms separately, raking in the money! I would much rather support a small, growing business like Maggie Rose UK than feed these high street stores' greed with my hard earned money! 
You can find Maggie Rose UK on twitter:, on Facebook: or at their temporary website (watch this space for an update of the new website).
Chow for now Lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

No 7 Heaven

3 for 2 Mix and Match across selected Number 7 Anti-ageing

I love going to Boots and spending a small fortune on make-up, hair products and toiletries and for some reason, even buying daily essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste seems like a treat. Perhaps it's because I have an advantage card and gain points every time I purchase an item. Or perhaps it's because I always have some kind of voucher that I have received from a previous visit. My favourite items to buy from Boots are No7 products, however I only treat myself when I receive a money off voucher as the full priced items are rather expensive.

View photo.JPG in slide show
Money off voucher
Many people are under the illusion that because it states on the voucher that only one can be redeemed per transaction, that they have to choose between the skincare or the make-up voucher. Well let me tell you that this is incorrect, and you can in fact use both vouchers in the same transaction. What the voucher is actually stating is that only one type of voucher can be redeemed in any one transaction, so you cannot use 2 make-up vouchers or 2 skincare vouchers, but 1 of each is fine.
Even can also use both vouchers at the same time towards the 3 for 2 deal, and I did just this!
I purchased the No 7 Cocooning Body Balm priced at £13.50, the No 7 primer priced at £10.50, and the No 7 Eye Colour Brush priced at £7.25, therefore fulfilling the 3 for 2 promise. I then presented my money off vouchers, and received £5.00 off the Body Balm, and £3.00 off the Primer, and of course the Eye colour Brush was my freebie! A total saving of £15.50!!! It's worth while asking the assistants for advice too as they can help you make the most of your vouchers i.e. getting as much as you can for your money.
So next time you receive a No 7 money off voucher, don't throw it away! It really is worth while taking advantage of the offer, especially if the 3 for 2 promotion is also available. Kerching!!!

Chow for now Lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Hello Hot Hair?

 Gift Set
Sleeprollers Gift Set

Today I received an exciting parcel :) You should have seen me ripping the box open like some crazy, disturbed woman... I'm so impatient! When I'd finally got into the sizeable cardboard box (this took me a while as it was sellotaped within an inch of it's life!!!) , I was greeted by a very chic looking, pink and black gift box...MY SLEEPROLLERS HAD ARRIVED!!!
Only 3 days earlier, at night I may add, I had visited and chosen to purchase the Sleeprollers Gift Set priced at a reasonable £29.95. The gift set includes: 
  1. 20 Original Pink Sleep-in Rollers.
  2. Drawstring Bag.
  3. Velour Pouch with Kirby Grips.
  4. "Hello Great Hair" Gift Box.
  5. Durable Sleep-in Rollers Carrier Bag.
To my surprise, delivery was free with purchases over £17.95 (mainland UK only) AND to sweeten the deal just a little bit more, I had seen a discount code displayed on the Sleeprollers Twitter page @Sleeprollers which I used and received a 20% discount!!! Bonus! Another bonus (that was only discovered once the parcel had been torn apart my Moi) was that I had received 2 pink velour pouches complete with Kirby Grips. I'm not sure if the actual deal includes 2 pouches but the description only indicates that you receive 1, therefore I was pleasantly surprised :)

View photo.JPG in slide show

My plan, now I have received my Sleeprollers, is to follow the instructions given on the packaging, and to watch Hollie Wakeham's tutorial at  in order to gain maximum results.. (Hollie Wakeham's tutorials on YouTube are amazing..I will blog about her later). I will post again with the results :)

Chow for now Lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Charity Shop..NOT a flop!

When you hear the phrase 'charity shop', what do you think of? A material jungle full to the brim with ugly clothes and ornaments that not even the most old fashioned people would have in their house? A foisty smelling, untidy, stagnant room filled with dusty ex-belongings of people with no fashion sense whatsoever? Somewhere that just the elderly population goes to? Well I'm ashamed to say that this is what I thought of charity shops...... until yesterday! Now...I love them!
Yes, there are some items that are very tired and dated, but most of the stock is in really good condition (sometimes even new) and you can find some great bargains. Take my recent purchase...a brand new River Island handbag, currently being sold in store, complete with tags, RRP £40. How much did I pay??? Well let me tell you!!! I paid £20! Bargain.
I also purchased a brand new serving dish for £2, a set of kitchen weighing scales for £2, and a Dunelm Mill shower curtain, unused, sealed in the original packaging, for £1.50 (RRP £7.99). I can't believe I ever turned down a trip to the local charity shops, and all because I was too embarrassed to be seen in them!
I will definitely be a regular customer from now on, and will also be donating any clothes or belongings that I don't wear or need, after all it's all for a good cause, and I like to do my bit for charity!
So next time you walk past the charity shop, stop, and take a look inside. Like me, you'll definitely be pleasantly surprised!

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hot Heart Shaped Umbrellas!

OMG! I know I've already posted today, but I just had to share this exciting product with you all! Sick of the weather? Tired of putting up your boring umbrella and getting wet when it embarrassingly turns inside out? Wish you could rely on an umbrella to keep you dry, protect your from the wind AND make you look good? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER!! Because my lovelies I have the perfect umbrellas for you!
Little Rain UK is a Yorkshire based company, providing us with amazing, exciting, colourful, practical and fashionable umbrellas for the bargain price of £16.00. They are waterproof, wind proof, UV proof, and very cute! Best of all, they are heart shaped and trust me, you get a lot of product for your money! How can you not love that!
Red Heart

"Little Rain specialise in totally windproof with its lightweight fibreglass frame and strong Aluminium shaft. Now available in a range of 9, yes 9 striking colours, these quality fashion umbrellas have a coated canopy that gives the one you love extra UV protection (protection from the Suns harmful rays). The Heart Umbrella is the ideal gift for the one you love - it simply oozes style and is unique. The very distinctive heart-shaped canopy measures 110 cm across and from heart indent to tip 100cm. This beautiful umbrella will get you noticed in any crowd and makes the perfect fashion accessory, fit to adorn any notable wardrobe." (Little Rain UK)

 The umbrellas come in various colours, including: hot pink, baby pink, black, red, lime green, purple and white and some colours can also be ordered to include a frill around the edge. Exciting stuff or what! 

Visit to get yours. Alternatively, check them out at @LittlerainUK or search for 'Little Rain' on facebook.

Chow for now Lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Nandos Woes's the start of a brand new year, and what better way to kick start your healthy new years resolution with a bit of yummy chicken at the weekend as a not so guilty treat! Courtesy of the one and only Nandos! A scrumptious plate filled with lots of chicken, accompanied by tasty side dishes, right? WRONG!!!
A few years ago, when Nandos opened it's doors to West Yorkshire, you were guaranteed good food served up in decent sized portions. Over time however, I have noticed that things have changed. And it seems I'm not the only one as many of my friends and family have also been left disappointed.
The ratio of chicken to sides seems to have completely done a u-turn, meaning the sides have completely taken over the main attraction...the Peri Peri chicken! It's no wonder people class Nandos as a healthier option these days as you're still starving when you leave!
I wouldn't mind if we were paying peanuts, but the prices are rather steep and the food just doesn't reflect this anymore. It's not as if we're paying for the service is it as part of the fun at Nandos is getting up and choosing the sauces and dressings you want, and filling up your drink if and when you need it.
I think I speak for the majority when I say 'I love a good Nandos', but I really would like some chicken with my sides.
Sort it out Nandos!!!
Chow for now Lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Strawberry Curls....Hot without the heat!

Hi there, today I am going to discuss my experience with a product called 'Strawberry Curls'. Strawberry Curls are little strawberry shaped hair rollers that do not require any heat whatsoever in order to create lovely tight ringlets or relaxed loose waves. They claim: 'no more sleepless nights, curlers you can actually sleep in comfort. Strawberry's are a curls best friend'.
In order to test this claim I (as instructed) washed my hair and partially dried it with the hair dryer until it was still slightly damp to the touch but not wet through. I then applied a small amount of moose and worked it through the ends of my hair before taking the strawberry curl and rolling my hair around it. The strawberry curl stays in place without clips :) I then went to bed.
The plan was to leave the strawberry curls in all night, taking them out when I had done my make up in the morning, HOWEVER, they were so uncomfortable :(
I managed only an hour of tossing and turning in bed before taking them out. Surprisingly my hair had curled quite well within that hour and I'm sure that with a full 6-8 hours of wearing them (that's the least amount of sleep I like to get!!)  my hair would have looked great. You could alternatively wear them during the day in preparation for a night out and they would be perfectly comfortable and manageable.
Therefore, although this product didn't fulfil my comfort needs, I would still recommend them to a friend. The fact that no heat is needed is great for your hair, and I would definitely rate them as HOT!
You can purchase Strawberry Curls from for the bargain price of £12.99 (pack of 12). Also, visit their twitter page @Strawberrycurls for before and after pictures so you can see the results for yourselves!

Chow for now lovelies

Love Kirsty xxx


Hi, my name's Kirsty and this is my attempt at blogging! :)
You may have decided that from the name of my blog and my user name that this will be a blog about all things fashion, and whether I think they are 'hot or not'...but you wouldn't be entirely correct. Yes, I will be discussing some fashion related 'hot or not's',  but also some everyday 'hot or not' topics that I might come across on a day to day basis. My 'catwalkcrisis' username derives from the fact that I am infant a catwalk crisis....I'm a tiny 5ft 1 :) ...and that's definitely not hot in my book! (I really really want to be tall).
Generally, I'm going to have a good old rant! And there's nothing wrong with that if I do say so myself! So please feel free to comment on anything I write, sharing your 'hot or not' experiences with me and giving feed back on the topics I discuss.

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty :) xxx