Saturday, 14 December 2013

My first Xmas jumper

Hi guys

I said I would show you all my Xmas jumper this that's what I'm doing :) although this isn't the jumper I actually wanted to show you all but the new one hasn't arrived yet, so I thought I'd show you one that I forgot I had bought!

I haven't worn an Xmas jumper before because I tend to look really small and frumpy in them, however this year I've decided to go for it!! I'm getting into the Christmas spirit.

I bought my jumper 2 years ago from River Island for around £20, and then shoved it to the back of my wardrobe and never wore it! Until now! I dug it out, gave it a dust off and put it on..and I actually love it! It's so warm and cosy and I don't think it looks too frumpy!

Here it is...

Have you got an Xmas jumper? I'd love to see them :)

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Perfect Primark Purchase!!

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for the perfect faux fur coat for absolutely ages...and with the winter months setting in, I decided to take a trip to the White Rose in Leeds. I didn't have very high hopes for finding anything I liked as I'm a bit inbetween sizes at the moment (I've lost 1 stone 6lb recently) but what do you know..I found a lovely faux fur leopard print coat in PRIMARK!!!!! I never find anything other than pyjamas and socks in Primark, so to find this coat was great. 
It cost me £ absolute steal considering the unusual excellent quality and fit that you usually associate with Primark. The print looks so expensive, and the material is soft and durable...and it doesn't make me look remotely like Bet Lynch!!!!!! Best of all, it kept me really warm and cosy over the bitter weekend. I love love love my Primark Purchase!!!!!! 

Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit properly in Primark?
Have you recently bought anything similar? 
Let me know :) 

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Smear fear follow up

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post to let you all know what happened after I wrote my blogpost on smear tests. As those of you who have read it know, it was my first smear test and I was naturally nervous. The experience was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it to be, and I was quite happy waiting 2 weeks for my results to come in the post, when.....they arrived a week early.
'Oh no' was my first thought, 'why are they early' was my second, and thirdly came sheer panic. I opened the letter, and read it slowly. It explained that my results could not be obtained from the lab either because of a problem with the sample or the equipment. Great!!!! Why me!!!!! 
I didn't know what to do, so I cried! I shouldn't have got myself so worked up without ringing the doctors to discuss the letter, but it really upset me thinking that there was something wrong with me. I was upset for 2 days before my mum persuaded me to ring the doctors. I called them as soon as I woke up in the morning, and spoke to the nurse practitioner at the surgery. She explained that their copy of my results were written in more detail, and revealed that my sample was 'inadequate', meaning that not enough cells were taken during the test. 
This immediately put me at ease, knowing that it wasn't anything to do with me or my body! Phew!!! I now have to wait 3 months until I can be re-tested..because it takes this long for the cells to be replaced on the cervix. 
This whole experience was nerve wracking, and I was hoping I would be done for 3 years! Hopefully after this next test, I will be!!!

Any questions? Let me know and leave your links for me :)

Love Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

OOTD: what I wore to an autumn wedding

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, I have no excuses, so I won't give any, but I'm back now with my first OOTD post! I'm not sure how these are supposed to pan out so bare with me!

It was my eldest cousin's wedding on Saturday, set in a beautiful local church, and followed by an amazing wedding breakfast and evening party at a place not far from where we all live in sunny Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire (yes that was my attempt at's freezing here!!!) 
I had never been to a church wedding before, and I had certainly never had to choose a wedding guest outfit in the autumn/winter! Never the less, I decided to wear a dress, as trouser suits/jumpsuits just aren't for me. Being a tiny 5ft 1 means that most clothes swamp me, so I chose a dress that would make me look in proportion. I also wore big heels to help me gain a few inches!!! 
I already had the shoes I wanted to wear, so I simply had the task of going out and finding a dress! Ha! What a nightmare this was...I couldn't find one I liked anywhere. I tried River Island, Miss Selfridge, Next, Primark, Oasis, Dorothy Perkins, Lipsy, Monsoon, Warehouse, and finally stumbled across Topshop where usually the clothes really don't suit me. 
On this occasion however, I spotted a lovely black (yes black) tea dress, with orange flowers printed all over it, for £45. I hadn't wanted to wear black but once I tried it on, I knew I had to get it. The fit was amazing, and I felt good for the first time in ages!!! So I bought it! 
On the day, I teamed the dress with a necklace my sister made me, a ring I bought from river island last year for approx £8 and the shoes I already had from Miss selfridge that cost £39.99.

And here is the look: 

I did attempt to apply lots of fake tan but I'm useless at it and as you can see, I'm a tad on the pale side!!! But I still felt great! 

What do you think? Are you struggling to find a wedding outfit for the autumn/winter? 
Let me know!

Please share your links with me too and I'll follow :) 

Lots of love
Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ladies: Do not fear your smear!

Hello lovely ladies!

I have written this post because I was recently invited for my first smear test, and was inevitably worrying myself stupid about it! I was determined however to go for the procedure, as my mum had drilled it into me that it could potentially be life saving. 

After the letter arrived
So, I rang the doctors and made the appointment for a week later. Slowly but surely, the dreaded day arrived and I was very nervous. I felt sick, tired, dizzy and generally off colour. I was tempted to ask my mum to come with me, but at 25 years old I have decided that I must become more independent! So I went on my own! 

At the doctors
I informed the reception of my arrival, and took a seat. This is when I began to feel warm and flustered, so I began to read a magazine to try and take mind off the test. It didn't work! 
Fortunately I wasn't waiting too long before my name appeared on the screen, and I made my way to the nurses room. I was greeted by the lovely nurse, who asked me to take a seat whilst she asked me a few questions such as 'when was your last period?', 'are you using any contraception'. 
She then showed me to a small bed with a curtain pulled round it, and told me to take off my bottoms and underwear. (I imagined this to be highly embarrassing but it wasn't in the slightest!). I then popped myself onto the bed and the nurse began to talk me through the instruments. She showed me a transparent plastic looking object called a speculum which would be placed inside my vagina and would expand to reveal my cervix. She also showed me what I can only describe as a tooth brush looking device which would be used to scrape cells from my cervix. She then turned on a bright lamp. The test was about to begin!

The test
The speculum was carefully and slowly placed inside my vagina and was opened up to reveal my cervix. This was not at all painful, however I did feel a slight stretching sensation as the speculum was expanded. The nurse then used the brush to scrape the cells, I did not feel this at all despite the brush feeling quite harsh and rough when I had touched it before the procedure. She then removed the speculum and the test was over, in approx 2 minutes! No pain, no fuss, nothing to worry about! 

So what happens now?
Now I have to wait for my results, which will be sent to my house in 2 weeks time. The results will either specify that: the cells were normal, mildly abnormal, abnormal, or highly abnormal. If normal, I will be called back in 3 years for another routine smear test. If abnormal cells are found, I will be tested for the hpv virus (a virus that can cause cervical cancer). If this is clear then I will be called back in 6 months for another smear to see if the cells have returned to normal. If highly abnormal cells are found, I will be sent to my local hospital for treatment, where a micro camera is inserted into the cervix to locate the abnormal cells, and a biopsy will determine what happens next I.E. Treatment for cervical cancer. 
Either way, early detection is key!

So for those of you who have received your invited for your smears, please don't be afraid. The procedure is painless, takes under 2 minutes to carry out, and isn't embarrassing at all. 
Most of all, it could save your, a friend's or a relative's life. So make sure you set an example, and go for your smear test! 

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me, please comment below. I would love to help! 

P.S. You can take other measures to ensure you know your body and to make sure that you stay healthy. I'm talking about checking your breasts. 
Wait until you are in the bath/ shower, and use your shower gel to make it easier to feel around your breast for any lumps, bumps or abnormalities. 

Can't be bothered?
Well, my mum was diagnosed with Breast cancer in April 2012, and I have witnessed first hand what she has had to go through, and let me tell you, it was horrendous for her and our family. Thankfully, she's doing great, but it was her religious checking of her breasts and a routine mammogram that ensured that she is still alive today. 
So please please please go for your smear tests, check your breasts, and look after yourselves. 

Take a look at this post by London Beauty Queen to read for yourselves what happens when results are abnormal 

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fabulous face wash by JooMo


I requested a sample of face wash from a company called JooMo, and promised I would review it for them. I usually use Clinique skin care, but as this new product from JooMo was 100% natural, I thought I'd give it a go. 
I must admit, I'm pretty useless when it comes to keeping up with my skin care regime. Most of the time I take my makeup off with a remover wipe and fail to cleanse and moisturise afterwards...tut tut! I'm not sure whether this is pure laziness or whether the products I'm currently using bore me! Either way, something has to give because I'm not getting any younger and neither is my skin! 
On the day that my sample arrived, I decided to take a note of how I felt about the packaging of the product, as this is often what first attracts me to cosmetic items.
Here is the sample I was sent (I say sample but this looks pretty much full sized to me)

I noted that the design was quirky, original, eye catching, young and vibrant, without being tacky looking. The shape of the face wash was the usual shape that I would associate with a skin care product, and this helped to keep the product in the familiar. 
I then turned the product over to read the description and the ingredients, which ensured me that the wash was 100% natural. Thumbs up from me for that. 
Next, I opened the lid and discovered the most scrummy smell of cinnamon, honey and orange! It instantly reminded me of Christmas, cinnamon buns and spiced tea! Yum! After that I couldn't wait to try it! 
I squeezed a blob of the runny face wash into the palm of my hand, added a little luke warm water, and applied it to my face. It didn't foam up like a normal wash would, however it felt silky and smooth on my face, almost gentle you might say. I then rinsed my face clean and patted it dry.
And guess what...the gorgeous cinnamon scent kept cropping up all day! I kept getting a strong whiff of spice everywhere I went and it took me a while to realise it was my face!!! My skin felt soft and smooth all day too! 
I love this new natural face wash! It smells divine, it looks great, and it's gentle on sensitive skin..perfect! 

Order yours now from
You won't regret it!!! 

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Chow for now lovelies
Love Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Want longer lashes?

Hi guys!

I have tried, tested, and reviewed an amazing mascara, that is guaranteed to give you longer, fuller lashes! Yes..guaranteed!!! How? Well, providing you curl them first slightly, and apply a few layers of the mascara (wiggling the brush up from the lash root to ensure full coverage) your lashes will look wonderfully thick and long. 

Jelly Pong Pong fairy lashes mascara is the best by far! Check out the curved wand that fits the shape of your eyes perfectly! 

What struck me most about this mascara, was the texture of it. It appears normal, like any other standard mascara, but when it dries it forms more of a plastic like structure, which elongates the lashes effectively and prevents smudging under and above the lash lines. 

It is also really easy to remove and comes off the lashes looking like little plastic fake eyelashes..weird!

So, here are my natural no make up eyes:

And here are my eyes after an application of Jelly Pong Pong Mascara:

Amazing or what!!!!!!!! If I do say so myself, they look so good! 
To create this look I curled my eyelashes using my Elite curlers. I then applied a coat of the mascara to the top of my upper lashes, wiggling from the root, and then did the same on the underside of my upper lashes, fanning them out at the same time. I then applied a coat to the lower lashes, pushing the ones near the inner corner of my eye out towards my nose, and the ones near the outer corner of my eye towards my ear (this makes the lashes look fanned out and the eyes bigger). Next, I applied another coat to the upper lashes whilst they were still tacky to avoid clumping, and did the same again on the lower lashes. I finished the look with a slick of clear mascara. Ta da! 

You can buy this mascara from RRP £15.00 
I also found it available on the Asos website for £10!!! 
Well worth the money I'd say! 

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Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

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Hi guys,
I've entered the world of bloglovin! I'm still a little unsure about what to do but I'm slowly getting to grips with it! 
I've followed a few blogs but would love more to follow, so please feel free to leave your links! And if you have any tips on how to use bloglovin then let me know!!!

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Love Kirsty xxx

Monday, 2 September 2013

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Hi everyone,

I've recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing Hanan over at and I'm very excited about it. The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and helps them to promote their blog within the blogging great! 
To be in the running to receive the award, the nominees must adhere to the following rules:

1) you must link back to the person that nominated you
2) you have to answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
3) you must nominate 11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers
4) you have to come up with 11 questions for your nominees 
5) you must make the bloggers you have nominated aware that you have done so
6) you can include 11 facts about yourself (this is optional)

So, I have linked this post back to my nominator Hanan (Don't you just love her name!!!) , and now to answer her 11 chosen questions! Here goes!

  • What is in your makeup bag right now? My make up bag is full of Rimmel products: A black kohl eye liner, Glam eyes mascara in black, 25 hour lasting foundation in 100 ivory and a concealer stick!  I love how inexpensive they are for the quality they produce. I also have 2 different blushes by bourjois, and some primer by No.7, oh and some Elite  eyelash curlers!
  • Favourite high end and budget make-up? My favourite high end make up is bobby brown and my favourite budget make up is MUA.
  • What is your favourite perfume? This would have to be Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, it smells divine!
  • Favourite food? I'm a nandos monster!!! 
  • If you were put on an island what 3 things would you take with you? I would take some facial cleansing wipes, my tooth brush and a pack of hair bobbles!
  • Who is your favourite blogger / Youtuber? I love Hollie Wakeham on YouTube, she is really down to earth, her videos are detailed and the results are achievable. 
  • What has helped you on your Blogging journey? I followed many different blogs before I began writing so that I could get a feel for various writing styles, and then went with what I felt comfortable. This helped me to get into the swing of blogging.
  • What is your favourite sweet? I love a good old werther's original!!!
  • What is your favourite thing about yourself? My long eyelashes! 
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Who knows, but I'd like to think I will have a family! 
  • High heels or Flats? Heels all the way when I go out, I'm 5ft 1 so they are necessary! I do however opt for casual flats when I'm generally out and about during the day!

So now I have answered Hanan's 11 questions, I must now nominate 11 bloggers for the Liebster Award, and the chosen ones are!

Jessica over at 
Rachael over at
Sammy Jane over at
Bex Clare over at
Shona over at 
Rochelle and Natasha over at
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And here are my 11 questions for these lovely ladies:

- what/who inspired you to start a blog?
- do you have any wise words for new bloggers?
- what are your beauty must haves?
- what item of make up could you not live without? 
- if you could invite 3 celebrities round for dinner who would they be?
- if you were invisible for the day what would you do?
- what are your favourite past times or hobbies?
- what is your favourite colour?
- who/what in the world means the most  to you?
- what do you like most about yourself? 
- what would you like to have achieved in 10 years time?

If you are up for answering these questions ladies then leave me the links to your answers below..and don't forget to follow the rules to make sure you're successful in becoming one of my nominees! 

Love Kirsty xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Review for Prairie Charms

Hello again!

It's time for another review!
This time, I am reviewing two fashion products that I have purchased from Prairie Charms (find them on twitter @Prairie_Charms). 
I was contacted a few weeks ago through twitter, and given a great opportunity to not only try out and review some items, but to promote my blog by having the link to this review on the Prairie Charms website Very excited to be part of 'project blogger'!!!  

I chose to purchase 2 items, and was kindly given 50% off as part of this opportunity. I decided to try out some 'Vivienne knot ties' for my hair, and a 'Jana multiwrap' which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, hair piece, anklet or any other way you can think of.
My items were delivered in a beautiful gold envelope, and were wrapped in cute pink tissue paper, very girly!

Lets start with the Vivienne knot ties, which I ordered in black. Prairie Charms claim that these hair ties do not leave a kink in the hair. allowing for various styles throughout the day. I decided to use these at bedtime, as this is the only time I tend to wear my hair up. I have very long hair and it gets in the way when I'm sleeping, resulting in major bed head when I wake up in the morning!!! I hate using elasticated bobbles though at night because they leave a huge kink in the mid length of my hair and then I have to straighten it in the morning (which is slowly damaging my hair). So these knot ties are perfect for me. start, I brushed my hair back into a high ponytail, and wrapped the knot tie around 3 times.

I then got into bed and went to the land of nod!!!
I slept for a good 8 hours, and when I woke, my hair was still tied up (a little messily I may add). I took the knot tie out and allowed my hair to fall down naturally. I didn't brush it before the after picture to ensure that the results were not tampered with! And here is how my hair looked:

As you can see, there is little to no kink left by the knot tie! Result!!!!!!! 
I can definitely recommend these for anyone who doesn't have time to straighten their hair in the mornings, or for anyone who likes to wear their hair up but hates using harsh elastic bobbles that snap the hair. Very happy Kirsty!

Next, I tried out the 'Jana multiwrap', which I chose to wear around my wrist. I love the handmade feel of this piece, and the gold clasp really stands out against the almost woollen feel of the multiwrap. I also placed this piece in my hair, around my neck and around my ankle, but decided that it was better worn around the wrist as a wrap-around chic bracelet. 
The neutral colouring allows the multiwrap to be worn with almost every colour, and the texture of it helps to turn a basic tshirt and jeans into an outfit that looks like it has had more effort put into it. And that's perfect for me!

I am very happy with my purchases, and would certainly recommend Prairie Charms to anyone who is looking for homemade, chic, cute fashion accessories. I have used the knot ties every night since they arrived, and I will definitely be wearing the multiwrap often!  

Find Prairie Charms on twitter:
And on their website:

Thanks for reading lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

@PearlysLtd teeth whitening review

Hi guys!

A week ago I requested a sample of teeth whitening powder from Pearlys Ltd, in return for an honest review that I would write and post on my blog. I was then contacted to not only review the whitening powder, but also a foam and rinse! How exciting!!! 
Now, before I write my review, I just want to explain a few things that I feel are important when ensuring a fair and truthful write up. Firstly, I would like to state that each progress picture taken was done so at the same time of day, in the same room, with the same camera. This was to ensure that every variable that could be controlled was so. Secondly, I would like to say that my teeth are quite white already..I do not smoke, drink tea/coffee/red wine, and I do not eat many foods with strong colours I.E. curry..therefore staining on my teeth is minimal. Never the less I am hoping for some good results as I would most definitely like to see an improvement! So here goes!

I have used the products for a full week, and recorded my findings each day in a sort of progress diary...and here are my findings! 

Day 1- 12/08/13
Today I received an exciting package from Pearlys Ltd ( containing a range of teeth whitening products for me to try out. 

The cute toiletry style bag contained a daily use whitening foam, a daily use rinse, and a weekly use whitening powder (see above and below).

I got started straight away! The instructions directed me to put a layer of the whitening foam onto my normal toothpaste, and to brush for 2-4 minutes, 
I set my timer on my phone and brushed for the full 4 minutes (it felt like a lifetime haha!!!) 

I then filled the cap from the rinse bottle half full with the whitening rinse and swished it around my gums and between my teeth as instructed. 
The packaging on both these products stated a minty flavour, and they delivered just that! My mouth felt really clean and as I'm sure anyone would, I checked in the mirror to see if there was any change to the colour of my teeth. The answer was not yet, but I am only on day 1!!! 
I then repeated this process before bed.

Day 2- 13/08/13 2, and I have repeated each step as seen above under day 1. I have taken a picture of my teeth to compare each day (I will place this in my findings at the end of the post). 
I am loving the foam by the's really minty and fresh, leaving my mouth feeling super clean. I don't usually use a mouth wash/ rinse either but I am finding this one very pleasant to use which is great! My teeth feel mega smooth..and I have noticed a slight improvement in colour, eeeek!
I will post again tomorrow with any new findings!

Day 3- 14/08/13
Today I used the instant whitening see whether it really would make a difference to my teeth immediately as it claims! 
I opened the packaging to reveal a blue clinical looking powder, which I dipped my toothbrush in. I thought the powder would make my teeth gritty, but I was surprised to find that it instantly foamed up in my mouth and resembled normal toothpaste! 

I brushed for 4 minutes............and then took a look in the mirror to check for instant signs of improvement. 

Although I didn't see much change in colour, I did notice that my teeth were a lot shinier than before I used the powder. I would have seen much more of a change if my teeth were stained or discoloured, but as I mentioned at the start, I already have quite white teeth! 
All in all though, thumbs up for the instant whitening powder, my teeth are squeaky clean! 

Day 4- 15/08/13
I am loving my new 'regime'! Yes I said it, I want this to be my new morning and night regime!!! My breath is so fresh and my teeth are very very very clean (cleaner than usual that is!) My boyfriend is even pestering me to let him use the products...I think I'll let him..maybe!

Day 5- 16/08/13
I am definitely impressed with this whitening kit. My teeth look so much cleaner and brighter, and my breath is fresh all day long. I've been thinking about purchasing a sonic toothbrush as the whitening instructions indicate that better results will be gained by using one, and who doesn't want to achieve the best!
I have been using the kit for 5 days now and people are already asking me where they can buy it! I will put up the link to the Pearlys website at the end of this blog post :) 

Day 6- 17/08/13
Nothing new to record today...still enjoying the whitening products, still have whiter teeth and fresh breath! I will be using the instant whitening powder later to give my smile a boost for tonight's meal out with the girls. I just love having a white smile! 

Day 7-18/08/13
It's the final day of testing for Pearlys Ltd, and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this review. The whitening products are amazing, providing exactly what they say they will...and I will definitely be adding them to my daily routine. 
So at long last, here is the 7 day timeline in pictures, to show you exactly how my smile has improved over the week. 

Days 1-4 (L to R)

Days 5-7 (L to R)

Days 1 and 7
I'd 100% say there was an improvement on my teeth! Yay!!!

If you would like to contact Pearlys, you can find them on twitter @PearlysLtd, you can purchase on their website, at or you can purchase directly from Harvey Nichols stores or at 
Pearlys Ltd products are safe, harmless and provide legitimate whitening without dangerous chemicals. 10/10 from me!!! 

If you have any questions you'd like to ask then please comment below and I will get back to you immediately!

Love Kirsty xxx
P.S. Keep an eye out on my twitter @kirstykins88 for blog updates and links to posts.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

NOTD: nude and a sprinkle of glitter

Hi readers!!!

So, I fancied a change from bright coloured nails..and decided to go for something a little more natural, with just a hint of glam! 
Enter Rimmel Pro Lycra Professional Finish nail varnishes!!! 

I used 'bare necessities' to create a nude base colour, applying 3 coats, leaving 10 minutes between each application to ensure I didn't smudge them. I then applied a clear coat to each nail, except for my ring fingers, which I sprinkled with OPI gold glitter whilst they were still wet from the 3rd coat of 'bare necessities'.

I then sealed in the glitter with a clear coat so that it didn't rub off...and voila!

I think next time I will apply glitter to every nail for an extra pop of glitz. 

Have you recently created a NOTD post?
Do you have a favourite varnishes/glitters?
If so, feel free to leave a comment with your links!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Upcoming reviews!!! Updates included!!!!

Hi bloggers!

I just wanted to let you know about 2 really exciting product reviews that I will be writing over the next couple of months.
I will be working with a company called 'chic at home' (you can find them on twitter @chicathome) reviewing one of their beautiful home products, yet to be decided! My review will involve trying out the product, and then giving an honest insight into my findings. Exciting stuff!!!
I will also be reviewing a sample of teeth whitening powder, courtesy of 'Pearlys Ltd' (@PearlysLtd) and then blogging my review over a one week period. Let's hope for pearly whites!!!

So bloggers, keep your eyes peeled for my two exciting reviews, amongst any other posts I write over the next few months! 

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Update: I have now been asked to review two other products by @PearlysLtd !!! The products are a teeth whitening foam and a rinse...I can't wait! Once they all arrive I'll get right on it!

Update #2: I am really excited to be working with a company called Prairie Charms (@Prairie_Charms). I have ordered two of their products and will be reviewing them on here. There will be a link to my review posted on their website and if they like my post, I could be in with a chance of collaborating with them on other blogger projects such as designing a blogger bracelet! 
Watch this space for my review! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Caravan of love <3

Hey guys!
I am really excited to share with you, something that has been in my blood since being a young girl. When most youngsters were going to Disneyland for their holidays, I was taken camping! 'Awww'...I suppose this is what you might be thinking, but please, no sympathy, because I had the best times! To me, camping really allowed me and my sister to be kids: long walks, playing out in the fresh air, muddy boots, cold hands and feet, runny noses, arcade games at the club house, bike rides round the campsite, bbq for tea, bbq for breakfast! I loved it! 
Over the years, although my love for camping remains, I have found myself longing for a little more comfort, somewhere a bit more homely but with all the charms of camping. And that's when it hit me...let's buy a caravan! And buy a caravan we did!!!! 

Here she is! Our static caravan by the sea! Situated on an owners exclusive park, we enjoy nothing but fresh air, peace and quiet, and all round good fun. We have 2 bedrooms, one with en suit bathroom, a separate shower room, a sizeable kitchen and a large living room! It honestly is home from home! 

I absolutely love our caravan, and on a beautiful sunny day, I can honestly say that I would rather be here than abroad! After all, who wants to take a 4 hour flight to Tenerife when I can simply walk to the beach in 2 minutes!

Chow for now lovelies!

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Love to rock a fluffy sock!

I think I have a problem.....or perhaps it's more of an addiction!

To what? To non other, than the fluffy sock! I have so many pairs that it's getting ridiculous trying to fit them all into my sock drawer!!! 'Get rid' you might say, but I just can't bring myself to throw them out..instead I just buy more!!! I think I'll have to designate a larger space to store them all in!!! 

It all started last winter. My wellies took centre stage, and in the process, ripped my feet to shreds!!! Blisters galore! Simple cotton socks just didn't suffice..enter the fluffy sock, and now i wear them under any boot and even pair them with all my pyjamas!
Primark is my main go to place for cheap and cheerful fluffies, you can buy 2/3 pairs for just a few pounds, and they last a good while before holes appear in them!
Good job really with the sheer amount of time I wear them for! 

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's in ya glossy-box?!?

My first glossy-box has arrived!!! A friend introduced me to these amazing boxes of goodies, samples and full sized products carefully selected to suit you (you create a beauty profile when you sign up which allows glossy-box to identify your likes and dislikes). My first box contained an essie nail varnish, a microdermabrasion sample, a body butter, a fragrance vile..and this:

It's a high shine gloss, scented with fresh raspberries, and tinted with a deep fruity colour. I must admit, I have never heard of bellápierre until now, but I can honestly say that it's one of the best lip glosses I have used. 

I wasn't sure about the colour at first as I have brown hair and fair skin and I felt this colour would suit a blonde or someone with darker skin, however after a few trial applications I got used to it! And now I really really like it! The colour lasts for ages and doesn't feel sticky on my lips.

I'm not sure if I would purchase this product given the choice because it is expensive at around £17 retail price, but I will definitely be disappointed when it runs out! 

Have you subscribed to glossy-box? What amazing products did you receive? 

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

NOTD: Snap, crackle, colour pop!!!

Hey I know I only blogged last night but I just had to show you my adaptation of yesterday's nails...courtesy of a little nail crackle by Barry M.

This little pot of black varnish is amazing! At first I thought that the nail crackle wouldn't work properly as I tend to favour more mainstream brands such as Rimmel, essie, nails inc etc, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results. 

Yesterday's nails were 3 coats of lemon drop by Rimmel, which is a beautiful pastel yellow, perfect for the gradually improving weather! And I loved them, but I just fancied jazzing them up for work today...

So, I painted on one thin coat of the black nail crackle, starting with the middle of the nail and then the two sides so that I avoided applying a thick layer of the varnish and overlapping the varnish (layering this varnish doesn't work!) 

And here are my NOTD!!!! I hope you think they're as great as I do! 

Have you painted your nails today? Have any cool tips or tricks for creating gorgeous nail effects? 
Let me know!!!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tip top lemon drop nails

Hey skies, sunshine, flowers, hay fever, sandals and maxi dresses...this can only mean one thing! SUMMER! Well maybe not summer per say, but definitely a hint of it :)
The bank holiday weekend was blessed with a bit of heat and glorious sunshine, and what better way to celebrate the on look of summer, than digging out those pastel coloured nail varnishes. Away with the dark and dismal colours, it's all about baby colours! And my choice of nail varnish...Rimmel's I <3 fruities in lemon drop.

Rimmel are a personal favourite of mine, and these little beauties are no exception! They actually smell of the fruit they are named after!!! WOW!!!

I honestly swear by Rimmel, and although I did find this particular colour a little transparent, it went on very smoothly and dried quickly. The colour also intensified with each coat I applied so overall I was happy with Rimmel once again :)

Before I applied this gorgeous baby yellow colour, I cut my nails short and filed them. I then applied three coats of lemon drop, leaving a good 5-10 minutes between each coat to ensure that I didn't   smudge them, and finished by painting on a Rimmel top coat to seal all the layers in. 

And here are the finished results!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Fabulous Freebie Review #1

Hi there bloggers :) New issues of my favourite monthly magazines came out recently (Glamour and Cosmopolitan) and I was very pleased with this months freebie courtesy of Cosmopolitan....Phil Smith Argan Oil. This little 50ml bottle of 'total treat, hair transforming cream' claims to provide hair with 'general gorgeousness' and an 'unbelievable silky texture'. So I put it to the test!
I washed my hair twice and conditioned with VO5 products, before wrapping it up in a towel and allowing it to dry off a little. I then gently combed my hair through and smoothed a pea sized amount on to the mid lengths and ends before allowing my hair to dry naturally (the bottle instructs you to blow dry as usual but I rarely bother blow drying unless I'm in a hurry). The Argan Oil has the most luscious scent, slightly coconutty infact, and has a very light texture...which allows it to soak into damp hair really well without leaving a greasy residue. I didn't know whether it would benefit my hair without blow drying but I'm pleased to say that it left my hair feeling and smelling lovely!
This is definitely one of the best magazine freebies I have had so far!

Have you had any amazing magazine freebies that have become imperative to your daily routine? Let me know and feel free to leave me your links so I can take a look at your blogs :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dotty for coke zero and spotty nails!

Hi guys, I haven't blogged in such a long while...and for this, I apologise! But I'm here now, and let me tell you this: I'm completely dotty for coke zero and spotty nails! Well, they do say simple things are the best pleasures in life don't they!!! Either that or simple things please simple minds! Either way, this post is primarily about my spotty nail art; the coke zero was simply a perfect and convenient way to canvas my nails, although I do really love coke zero!!!
So, let me explain to you all how I created my spotty nails :)
Firstly, I cut my nails short and filed them roundly as my nail beds don't allow me to create a square nail. I then used my Rimmel base coat on each nail and allowed it to dry for a good 5-10 minutes. Next, I painted each nail with a gorgeous deep red/pink called Piccadilly Circus by nails inc. I allowed the first coat to dry, again for 5-10 minutes before applying a second coat.
The next part is inventive and innovative if I do say so myself!!! To create the spots I took a hair clip and pulled the two sides of the pin apart. I then dipped one end into a subtle silvery pink varnish called euphoria by Rimmel, and carefully dotted the colour randomly onto each nail. The spots took slightly longer than the other layers to dry, around 10-15 minutes or so, and once they had I finished with a Rimmel top coat to lock all the layers in. Voila!!!!!

I love to use items around the house to create effects on my nails i.e. hair pins, cocktail sticks. Do you have any top tips for creating cute nails?
Let me know and feel free to leave your links in the comments box below and I'll take a look at your blogs :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

MUA haul!!!

Hey bloggers! So at the weekend, I decided to buy lots of MUA products to brighten up my day...literally! Out of the many items I bought, I thought I'd share with you, the 2 items that I am most impressed with. (And by 'impressed' with, I mean the 2 items that I feel are just as good as the ones that I currently use).
The first item that I wanted to tell you about is the new MUA 'Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter'. I was a bit skeptical reading the description on the back of the compact, which claims 'lightweight powder that transforms your complexion with luminescent shimmer'. I really didn't think that such a cheaply priced illuminating powder could create the same effects as my more expensive No.7 illuminator. How wrong was I!!!!!! I love this stuff!!!
It has a slightly pink colour to it, and is so lightweight that I really couldn't tell that I was wearing it. I used it to highlight my cheek bones, brow bones, my décolletage and my cupids bow! J'adore!!!
The second item that I wanted to share with you is also new from MUA, and is the 'Bronzed Perfection' Matt Bronzer. Matt bronzer is what it's all about in my opinion, as I find shimmery bronzers a little out there! I hate to look shiny all over!!! Anyway, this bronzer is lovely, the colour is deep but I find that you can achieve a lighter colour by simply blowing any excess from your make up brush. The texture is really smooth and silky, and it blends into the skin well. I could easily replace my Rimmel bronzer with this one and at half the price of a Rimmel bronzer, it's a steal!!! I dust this bronzer lightly over my entire face, neck and chest, applying slightly more above my collar bone to allow my highlighter to stand out.
Do you have any favourite MUA products? Have you tried the highlighter and bronzer? Let me know :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Yummy Yankee Candles

I recently bought myself some new scented candles and candle holder from the local Hallmark shop. My candles of choice....Yankee candles! Let me just tell you now before I continue...I will never buy any other scented candles again! Yankee candles not only have the most beautiful scents, but they last so much longer than your average candle and they full your entire home with your chosen smell. They are AMAZING!
I opted for a number of different scents, including 'sugared vanilla' 'macintosh' 'cinnamon' and 'home-sweet-home'. To accompany them I also purchased a gorgeous candle holder/burner to melt the candles in (Yankee candle tarts melt into oil)
The candle tarts aren't cheap...around £1.50 per tart, and the burner cost approximately £12, but both are so worth the money. It just looks so pretty on my fireplace!
There are various styles of burner but I chose a golden coloured one with birds and flowers on it...I may have to go back to the shop and purchase a purple one for my bedroom :)) yes, it's safe to say, I'm addicted to buying Yankee products! I even have the Yankee scented car air fresheners!!!
You can purchase Yankee products from Yankee stores, Hallmark shops and even some garden me, you need these in your life!!!

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Monday, 4 March 2013

A little insight!

Hey, so I've seen lots of posts recently where the blogger answers questions about themselves, I think it's like a way of tagging along to someone's post but I'm not 100% sure!?! Anyway I've really enjoyed reading through my fellow bloggers likes, dislikes, favourite products etc, and wanted to get involved...but...I don't know how! I'm fairly new to blogging and I'm not yet sure how to tag, so I thought I'd just do one of my own!!! I hope you enjoy reading it:

What is your favourite item in your makeup bag?
My favourite item at the moment is my illuminating cream by No.7 as it provides an amazing base for foundation and brightens up my skin.

What key items can be found in your makeup bag?
Rimmel 25 hour foundation
Rimmel pressed powder
Bourjois blush pots
Rimmel black glam eyes mascara

What is your daily skin routine?
I wash my face with Clinique face wash, tone with Clinique toner, and then moisturise with Clinique face cream. I also exfoliate once a week with No.7 face exfoliator to keep my skin soft and youthful.

Do you use day and night skin creams?
Yikes!!! I know I should but I'm yet to invest!

What is your skin type?
I'd say my skin is normal, with perhaps a slightly dry t-zone.

How often do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair every 2 days and condition it once a week. I also apply a hair mask once a month.

What shampoo are you using?
I change my shampoo every month unless I find one that I really love. At the moment I'm using vo5.

Describe your hair routine in 3 steps:
Wash, apply heat protection, style.

Do you dye your hair?
No, I have never dyed it. I'm too scared that I won't like the colour!

How would you describe your hair style?
My hair is long, slightly wavy, brown, and easy to work with.

How much do you spend on hair and beauty per month?
I'd say somewhere along the lines of £30, more if I'm buying slightly more expensive key items i.e. primer.

Name one celebrity whose hair and makeup you can relate to:
I'd say Mila Kunis...she makes the most of her eyes and I do the same, and her hair is sleek and simple.

What is your favourite perfume?
That's's lady million by Paco Rabanne.

Where is your favourite place to shop?
I like Zara for simple pieces, Next for comfort, Miss Selfridge for girly items and Primark for cheap accessories and pyjamas. I love Vivienne Westwood for key quirky items and Topshop for up to date trends.

Describe yourself in a sentence:
I'm a petite, straight laced, fun loving, simple kind of girl with a big heart and the patience of a saint!

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 28 February 2013

A sneak peek into my everyday makeup bag

So today, I thought I would share with you, what I keep in my every day makeup bag. The items are all available in Boots/SuperDrug and in any good supermarket, and are all reasonably priced (I don't wear expensive makeup throughout the week as there's no need to waste it on a natural look). The most expensive item in my week day makeup bag is my illuminator in Peach by No.7, followed by my No.7 Primer in green. I love No.7 base products as they prepare your face and provide a good base for the rest of your look.
After I've primed and illuminated my face, I apply Rimmel lasting finish foundation in 100, which is supposed to last 25 hours, but lets be fair...who would ever leave foundation on for 25 hours!!!! I then apply Hide the Blemish concealer by Rimmel, under my eyes, in the creases of my nose and over any blemishes or spots that may have appeared that day! I then blend it in with my finger.
Next, I sweep Rimmel Stay Matt pressed powder in Warm Beige over the foundation and concealer to seal them, and then apply Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sunlight to give that sun kissed healthy glow. I apply 2 different shades of Bourjois blush, Rose Frisson and Rose D'or, in order to define my cheekbones and to give my cheeks a pop of pinky colour. I sweep the lighter pink across the apples of my cheeks and then the darker one at the point where my cheekbones dip in.
Next, I use my Eyelure brow pencil to shape and define my natural brows, and comb the colour through the hairs in order to keep the look as natural as possible. On my lids, I use Bourjois eyeshadow in shades 05 and 08 and I then use a black Rimmel eye pencil to outline my eyes. Finally I curl my lashes with an Elle eyelash curler, and put on some Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt mascara in Kohl Black, followed by a clear mascara from Collection 2000 in order to prevent the black from smudging onto my eye lids and under the eye. This completes my everyday makeup routine!

Do you have any good high street products that you use every day? Can you recommend any? Let me know :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The results of sleep in rollers are in!...

At long last...I have had a moment to try out my gorgeous pink sleep in rollers! And the verdict? I adore them! They are hot hot hot without any of the heat that damages our locks on a day to day basis.
Now, I have to admit, I didn't try sleeping in them...I put them in as soon as I woke up and left them in for 5/6 hours (needless to say I didn't leave the house that day until I had removed them haha). I did however, try to lay down in them just to see how bearable/unbearable they were, and....I can safely say that I would never be able to sleep in them :( (I have a very sensitive scalp) which is a shame, but the results i achieved totally outshone the fact that I couldn't wear them throughout the night.
To achieve my wavy, bouncy locks, I firstly dampened my hair slightly and applied some volume mousse throughout. I then took sections of hair no wider than the width of the roller, and rolled my hair UNDER (rolling over will cause the hair to flick out and I didn't want to look like something from 1960!!) I then pinned the roller in place with the Kirby grips I got in the sleep-rollers pack.
When I took them out later, I sprayed my hair lightly with hairspray just to make sure that the look held all night..and it did!
I would definitely recommend sleep rollers to anyone..they are hot!!!

P.s. I'm always looking out for new blogs to look at and read through so feel free to comment and send me your links and I will have a nosey :)

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Monday, 25 February 2013

My favourite products #5

Hi guys...time to tell you all about my final favourite product of 2013 so far! Never ever ever am I without one of these little pots of loveliness these days: one in my handbag, one in my bedside drawer and one in my makeup's the one and only VASELINE!!!!!
I apply Vaseline instead of Chapstick, every night before I go to sleep, and at various times throughout the day. It really helps with chapped lips and protects them from the cold weather. Sometimes I even mix a little bit of lip gloss with the Vaseline so that my lips look tinted but are much more moisturised than they would be with just wearing lipgloss.
I bought a trio of mini Vaseline pots from Primark just before Xmas, for around £4.50 (I think they are normally around £2.00 a pot from Boots or SuperDrug.) For the money I paid, I got the original Vaseline, the coco butter Vaseline and the aloe Vera Vaseline. You can now also get a rose Vaseline and a pink champagne Vaseline but only if you buy them separately.

Below is a list of reasons why I love Vaseline, and why I think it's worthy of being one of my favourite products!
1) great for chapped skin
2) perfect for moisturising dry patches such as elbows or knees
3) ideal for smoothing down unruly eyebrows (be careful not to apply too much as it will look greasy and interfere with your makeup!
4) applied to eyelashes before bed, leaves them feeling soft and nourished and apparently encourages them to grow better! (think of it as a conditioner for your eyelashes!)
5) good for stopping hair dye from dying your skin around your hair line and ears

If the list above doesn't convince you to use Vaseline, then nothing will!!!

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

My favourite products #4

I'm in love with a lipgloss that a friend bought me for my really is the best lipgloss I've worn. Bobbi Brown is the brand..pastel 12 is the colour! It's a really gorgeous high shimmer pink gloss, that anyone can pull off, and unlike most lip-glosses I've worn, it isn't sticky in texture. It's lovely and thick, so it glides on without feeling too tacky.
I was lucky enough to receive 3 of these little beauties in miniature form as a gift, so I have no idea how much they cost...but I know they aren't cheap!
When applied, a slightly minty taste comes through and it instantly plumps your tingles a little at first but after a while you get used to it. It smells a little minty too which I really like in a lipgloss. There's nothing worse than a lipgloss that doesn't smell pleasant! No such worries with this one!
I will certainly be purchasing the full sized version of this lipgloss when I run out of my little miniatures! Do you have a favourite lipgloss? Can you recommend any for me to try? Let me know!

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx