Friday, 23 August 2013

Review for Prairie Charms

Hello again!

It's time for another review!
This time, I am reviewing two fashion products that I have purchased from Prairie Charms (find them on twitter @Prairie_Charms). 
I was contacted a few weeks ago through twitter, and given a great opportunity to not only try out and review some items, but to promote my blog by having the link to this review on the Prairie Charms website Very excited to be part of 'project blogger'!!!  

I chose to purchase 2 items, and was kindly given 50% off as part of this opportunity. I decided to try out some 'Vivienne knot ties' for my hair, and a 'Jana multiwrap' which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, hair piece, anklet or any other way you can think of.
My items were delivered in a beautiful gold envelope, and were wrapped in cute pink tissue paper, very girly!

Lets start with the Vivienne knot ties, which I ordered in black. Prairie Charms claim that these hair ties do not leave a kink in the hair. allowing for various styles throughout the day. I decided to use these at bedtime, as this is the only time I tend to wear my hair up. I have very long hair and it gets in the way when I'm sleeping, resulting in major bed head when I wake up in the morning!!! I hate using elasticated bobbles though at night because they leave a huge kink in the mid length of my hair and then I have to straighten it in the morning (which is slowly damaging my hair). So these knot ties are perfect for me. start, I brushed my hair back into a high ponytail, and wrapped the knot tie around 3 times.

I then got into bed and went to the land of nod!!!
I slept for a good 8 hours, and when I woke, my hair was still tied up (a little messily I may add). I took the knot tie out and allowed my hair to fall down naturally. I didn't brush it before the after picture to ensure that the results were not tampered with! And here is how my hair looked:

As you can see, there is little to no kink left by the knot tie! Result!!!!!!! 
I can definitely recommend these for anyone who doesn't have time to straighten their hair in the mornings, or for anyone who likes to wear their hair up but hates using harsh elastic bobbles that snap the hair. Very happy Kirsty!

Next, I tried out the 'Jana multiwrap', which I chose to wear around my wrist. I love the handmade feel of this piece, and the gold clasp really stands out against the almost woollen feel of the multiwrap. I also placed this piece in my hair, around my neck and around my ankle, but decided that it was better worn around the wrist as a wrap-around chic bracelet. 
The neutral colouring allows the multiwrap to be worn with almost every colour, and the texture of it helps to turn a basic tshirt and jeans into an outfit that looks like it has had more effort put into it. And that's perfect for me!

I am very happy with my purchases, and would certainly recommend Prairie Charms to anyone who is looking for homemade, chic, cute fashion accessories. I have used the knot ties every night since they arrived, and I will definitely be wearing the multiwrap often!  

Find Prairie Charms on twitter:
And on their website:

Thanks for reading lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

@PearlysLtd teeth whitening review

Hi guys!

A week ago I requested a sample of teeth whitening powder from Pearlys Ltd, in return for an honest review that I would write and post on my blog. I was then contacted to not only review the whitening powder, but also a foam and rinse! How exciting!!! 
Now, before I write my review, I just want to explain a few things that I feel are important when ensuring a fair and truthful write up. Firstly, I would like to state that each progress picture taken was done so at the same time of day, in the same room, with the same camera. This was to ensure that every variable that could be controlled was so. Secondly, I would like to say that my teeth are quite white already..I do not smoke, drink tea/coffee/red wine, and I do not eat many foods with strong colours I.E. curry..therefore staining on my teeth is minimal. Never the less I am hoping for some good results as I would most definitely like to see an improvement! So here goes!

I have used the products for a full week, and recorded my findings each day in a sort of progress diary...and here are my findings! 

Day 1- 12/08/13
Today I received an exciting package from Pearlys Ltd ( containing a range of teeth whitening products for me to try out. 

The cute toiletry style bag contained a daily use whitening foam, a daily use rinse, and a weekly use whitening powder (see above and below).

I got started straight away! The instructions directed me to put a layer of the whitening foam onto my normal toothpaste, and to brush for 2-4 minutes, 
I set my timer on my phone and brushed for the full 4 minutes (it felt like a lifetime haha!!!) 

I then filled the cap from the rinse bottle half full with the whitening rinse and swished it around my gums and between my teeth as instructed. 
The packaging on both these products stated a minty flavour, and they delivered just that! My mouth felt really clean and as I'm sure anyone would, I checked in the mirror to see if there was any change to the colour of my teeth. The answer was not yet, but I am only on day 1!!! 
I then repeated this process before bed.

Day 2- 13/08/13 2, and I have repeated each step as seen above under day 1. I have taken a picture of my teeth to compare each day (I will place this in my findings at the end of the post). 
I am loving the foam by the's really minty and fresh, leaving my mouth feeling super clean. I don't usually use a mouth wash/ rinse either but I am finding this one very pleasant to use which is great! My teeth feel mega smooth..and I have noticed a slight improvement in colour, eeeek!
I will post again tomorrow with any new findings!

Day 3- 14/08/13
Today I used the instant whitening see whether it really would make a difference to my teeth immediately as it claims! 
I opened the packaging to reveal a blue clinical looking powder, which I dipped my toothbrush in. I thought the powder would make my teeth gritty, but I was surprised to find that it instantly foamed up in my mouth and resembled normal toothpaste! 

I brushed for 4 minutes............and then took a look in the mirror to check for instant signs of improvement. 

Although I didn't see much change in colour, I did notice that my teeth were a lot shinier than before I used the powder. I would have seen much more of a change if my teeth were stained or discoloured, but as I mentioned at the start, I already have quite white teeth! 
All in all though, thumbs up for the instant whitening powder, my teeth are squeaky clean! 

Day 4- 15/08/13
I am loving my new 'regime'! Yes I said it, I want this to be my new morning and night regime!!! My breath is so fresh and my teeth are very very very clean (cleaner than usual that is!) My boyfriend is even pestering me to let him use the products...I think I'll let him..maybe!

Day 5- 16/08/13
I am definitely impressed with this whitening kit. My teeth look so much cleaner and brighter, and my breath is fresh all day long. I've been thinking about purchasing a sonic toothbrush as the whitening instructions indicate that better results will be gained by using one, and who doesn't want to achieve the best!
I have been using the kit for 5 days now and people are already asking me where they can buy it! I will put up the link to the Pearlys website at the end of this blog post :) 

Day 6- 17/08/13
Nothing new to record today...still enjoying the whitening products, still have whiter teeth and fresh breath! I will be using the instant whitening powder later to give my smile a boost for tonight's meal out with the girls. I just love having a white smile! 

Day 7-18/08/13
It's the final day of testing for Pearlys Ltd, and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this review. The whitening products are amazing, providing exactly what they say they will...and I will definitely be adding them to my daily routine. 
So at long last, here is the 7 day timeline in pictures, to show you exactly how my smile has improved over the week. 

Days 1-4 (L to R)

Days 5-7 (L to R)

Days 1 and 7
I'd 100% say there was an improvement on my teeth! Yay!!!

If you would like to contact Pearlys, you can find them on twitter @PearlysLtd, you can purchase on their website, at or you can purchase directly from Harvey Nichols stores or at 
Pearlys Ltd products are safe, harmless and provide legitimate whitening without dangerous chemicals. 10/10 from me!!! 

If you have any questions you'd like to ask then please comment below and I will get back to you immediately!

Love Kirsty xxx
P.S. Keep an eye out on my twitter @kirstykins88 for blog updates and links to posts.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

NOTD: nude and a sprinkle of glitter

Hi readers!!!

So, I fancied a change from bright coloured nails..and decided to go for something a little more natural, with just a hint of glam! 
Enter Rimmel Pro Lycra Professional Finish nail varnishes!!! 

I used 'bare necessities' to create a nude base colour, applying 3 coats, leaving 10 minutes between each application to ensure I didn't smudge them. I then applied a clear coat to each nail, except for my ring fingers, which I sprinkled with OPI gold glitter whilst they were still wet from the 3rd coat of 'bare necessities'.

I then sealed in the glitter with a clear coat so that it didn't rub off...and voila!

I think next time I will apply glitter to every nail for an extra pop of glitz. 

Have you recently created a NOTD post?
Do you have a favourite varnishes/glitters?
If so, feel free to leave a comment with your links!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Upcoming reviews!!! Updates included!!!!

Hi bloggers!

I just wanted to let you know about 2 really exciting product reviews that I will be writing over the next couple of months.
I will be working with a company called 'chic at home' (you can find them on twitter @chicathome) reviewing one of their beautiful home products, yet to be decided! My review will involve trying out the product, and then giving an honest insight into my findings. Exciting stuff!!!
I will also be reviewing a sample of teeth whitening powder, courtesy of 'Pearlys Ltd' (@PearlysLtd) and then blogging my review over a one week period. Let's hope for pearly whites!!!

So bloggers, keep your eyes peeled for my two exciting reviews, amongst any other posts I write over the next few months! 

Chow for now lovelies,

Love Kirsty xxx

Update: I have now been asked to review two other products by @PearlysLtd !!! The products are a teeth whitening foam and a rinse...I can't wait! Once they all arrive I'll get right on it!

Update #2: I am really excited to be working with a company called Prairie Charms (@Prairie_Charms). I have ordered two of their products and will be reviewing them on here. There will be a link to my review posted on their website and if they like my post, I could be in with a chance of collaborating with them on other blogger projects such as designing a blogger bracelet! 
Watch this space for my review! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Caravan of love <3

Hey guys!
I am really excited to share with you, something that has been in my blood since being a young girl. When most youngsters were going to Disneyland for their holidays, I was taken camping! 'Awww'...I suppose this is what you might be thinking, but please, no sympathy, because I had the best times! To me, camping really allowed me and my sister to be kids: long walks, playing out in the fresh air, muddy boots, cold hands and feet, runny noses, arcade games at the club house, bike rides round the campsite, bbq for tea, bbq for breakfast! I loved it! 
Over the years, although my love for camping remains, I have found myself longing for a little more comfort, somewhere a bit more homely but with all the charms of camping. And that's when it hit me...let's buy a caravan! And buy a caravan we did!!!! 

Here she is! Our static caravan by the sea! Situated on an owners exclusive park, we enjoy nothing but fresh air, peace and quiet, and all round good fun. We have 2 bedrooms, one with en suit bathroom, a separate shower room, a sizeable kitchen and a large living room! It honestly is home from home! 

I absolutely love our caravan, and on a beautiful sunny day, I can honestly say that I would rather be here than abroad! After all, who wants to take a 4 hour flight to Tenerife when I can simply walk to the beach in 2 minutes!

Chow for now lovelies!

Love Kirsty xxx