Sunday, 12 May 2013

NOTD: Snap, crackle, colour pop!!!

Hey I know I only blogged last night but I just had to show you my adaptation of yesterday's nails...courtesy of a little nail crackle by Barry M.

This little pot of black varnish is amazing! At first I thought that the nail crackle wouldn't work properly as I tend to favour more mainstream brands such as Rimmel, essie, nails inc etc, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results. 

Yesterday's nails were 3 coats of lemon drop by Rimmel, which is a beautiful pastel yellow, perfect for the gradually improving weather! And I loved them, but I just fancied jazzing them up for work today...

So, I painted on one thin coat of the black nail crackle, starting with the middle of the nail and then the two sides so that I avoided applying a thick layer of the varnish and overlapping the varnish (layering this varnish doesn't work!) 

And here are my NOTD!!!! I hope you think they're as great as I do! 

Have you painted your nails today? Have any cool tips or tricks for creating gorgeous nail effects? 
Let me know!!!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tip top lemon drop nails

Hey skies, sunshine, flowers, hay fever, sandals and maxi dresses...this can only mean one thing! SUMMER! Well maybe not summer per say, but definitely a hint of it :)
The bank holiday weekend was blessed with a bit of heat and glorious sunshine, and what better way to celebrate the on look of summer, than digging out those pastel coloured nail varnishes. Away with the dark and dismal colours, it's all about baby colours! And my choice of nail varnish...Rimmel's I <3 fruities in lemon drop.

Rimmel are a personal favourite of mine, and these little beauties are no exception! They actually smell of the fruit they are named after!!! WOW!!!

I honestly swear by Rimmel, and although I did find this particular colour a little transparent, it went on very smoothly and dried quickly. The colour also intensified with each coat I applied so overall I was happy with Rimmel once again :)

Before I applied this gorgeous baby yellow colour, I cut my nails short and filed them. I then applied three coats of lemon drop, leaving a good 5-10 minutes between each coat to ensure that I didn't   smudge them, and finished by painting on a Rimmel top coat to seal all the layers in. 

And here are the finished results!

Chow for now lovelies,
Love Kirsty xxx