Monday, 10 February 2014

Smear fear no more

Hi everybody,

This is my concluding post to the smear fear and smear fear follow up posts that I've already written. If you've read them you'll already know that I had my first smear test in October but the sample was inadequate and the lab couldn't process it or provide me with any results. I then had to wait for a letter inviting me to have another test 3 months later, which I have recently had. 
So I thought I would share my second experience with you in the hope that it might help more women to fight the fear of the smear test and to get it done.
I wasn't half as nervous this time as the last time, because I knew the procedure and what to expect. I saw a different nurse which bothered me slightly, but she was lovely and actually turned out to be more talkative and approachable than the first nurse although she was nice too.
She talked me through the procedure again and then proceeded to take the sample, which turned out to be harder than she had anticipated. Apparently I have a 'hidden' cervix, which means that it's tilted towards my back and it was preventing her from getting a decent sample, hence the inadequate first sample. It took ten minutes of maneuvering before she had to stop due to a little bit of bleeding caused by continuous swabbing. She was convinced that she hadn't got the sample  she needed and didn't want to send it, but I persuaded her to. I'm not going to lie, it was very uncomfortable but not painful. 
I left the doctors feeling doubtful and a little bit down. I was convinced that the nurse hadn't got the sample.....but I was wrong. My results came within the week and revealed that my sample was normal. I am very relieved! 
I will never ever miss a smear test, because they are so important and they help to save lives. Being uncomfortable for that tiny amount of time is well worth knowing that I'm healthy and well and if I wasn't I'd definately want to know.
So please ladies, do not fear your smear. It usually takes less than 5 minutes, and it's nowhere near as uncomfortable as you imagine. It could save your life and you could inspire someone else to have the test.

Love Kirsty xxx

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