Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shine Like A Celeb Body Cream Review

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I recently requested a sample of Diamond Sparkle Body Cream from Shine Like A Celeb and it has arrived! I've been looking for a really good body cream with just the right amount of shimmer for a while now, and I think I've found it!!! 
My initial thoughts about the look of this product were positive. I like the little clear sample pot with the simple black lid. It looks clean and effortless. The full sized product looks even better and very classy.

When I opened the tub, I found that the cream inside was really smooth and looked as if it would glide on the skin. The scent is lovely, luxurious and smells expensive. It's not quite a fruity scent, but more of a high end perfumed smell. I couldn't stop smelling or touching my skin after I had applied the cream! It left my hand feeling super soft and nourished. It dries in under a minute and doesn't leave any stickiness. Perfect!

I love how the cream also gives a hint of shimmer without making the skin look glittery. I hate glittery skin!! It looks so tacky, however this cream is perfect for creating that slight sexy shimmer that we love. I've applied it to my hand so that you can see:

I can't wait to try this product on my legs and arms when I'm all tanned and ready to go out. It'll be perfect for making me feel more confident about my legs as I often feel that they look dull in skirts and dresses, especially in colder months. 

To buy this gorgeous body cream visit
It's £38 for the full sized product and is totally worth it. 
Also find them on twitter @shinelikeaceleb for other products and great giveaways.

Any questions please done hesitate to comment!
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