Friday, 17 January 2014

Hdbrow WOW!!!

'Never take advice from anyone with bad brows'.

I saw this quote on Instagram and instantly loved it! It's kind of true too, I would never take anyone with really bad brows seriously! Which is why I spend ages each day trying to pencil in my hideous natural brows...they are full of gaps, one is shorter than the other, and they never look neat. Until now!

Ladies...I've discovered hdbrows!!! I first heard of hdbrows on twitter, when I followed the fabulous 'Eye Brow Queen' Nilam Patel @EyebrowQueen. She had uploaded some images of eyebrow transformations and I was instantly interested. So I decided to purchase the pallet for myself and have a go!

The compact eye and brow pallet comes in 3 shades: 'bombshell' for blondes, 'foxy' for brunettes and 'vamp' for dark brunettes or black hair. Each pallet includes 4 shades to help you create your perfect smokey eye effect, brow colour and style. 

The pallet comes with a double ended brush for easy precision styling. I found that the tapered end worked best when defining the edges with a darker colour and elongating my brows, and the softer end worked best to highlight my brow bone and fill in the inner ends of my brows with the lighter colour.

I'm still getting to grips with the pallet, combining the shades differently each day to see what works best for me. The time it takes me to create the finished look is now under 5 minutes! 
Here is a before and after picture so that you can see for yourselves how the hdbrow pallet has improved the look of my brows.

The hdbrow pallet retails at £19.96 and is worth every penny. You can purchase it from the hdbrow website ...and I highly recommend that you do!!! 

Love Kirsty 


  1. Great post who would think that a HD brow palette would make such a difference. I have really fair eyebrows and half are so light it is difficult to see them. I will have to give this trick a go Lucy

  2. You definately should..try eBay first to see if anyone is selling them because I got mine for £12 brand new xxx